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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Aug 6, 2007 12:40pm
Forum: movies Subject: Archive mp4s play on Ipods and Iphones now

This weekend I updated our movie MPEG4 deriver "module"
(to make a "simple profile" video portion) in the .mp4
files the Archive creates.

This means now that Ipods, and Iphones can play both
our 64kbps and 256kbps versions, yay!
3GP/P/2 capable cellphones may also be able to play.

(My Motorola V3T has been playing our 64kbps .mp4s for the last year 8-)

For now, this will only be for items re/derived from
August 6th, 2007 and on. (We may "backwards rederive" our .mp4s in collections as we have CPU cycles). Meanwhile, if you have specific items of yours that you'd like to rederive, then you can post a reply with (ideally) a search query that returns the items you want rederived, or alternatively a list of identifiers and/or /details/ page links.

we were previously outputting an "avi" intermediate video file while constructing the mp4. this inadvertently caused ffmpeg to write "b frames" in the video stream which in turn blew the "simple profile". Now I have the deriver make a "m4v" intermediate video file which allows us to make a simple profile video stream (along with the already "low complexity" AAC audio stream).

Happy I***-ing!

webmaster and alterna video geek